4.7 Get a glossary entry

Retrieve a glossary entry from Felix, and automatically insert it at the cursor position.

Every time you look up a sentence in the memory, the sentence is also searched for matches in all open glossaries. Any matches are displayed in the corresponding Glossary window. Using the glossary for technical terms helps you keep your translations consistent, saves you typing, and saves time looking up paper or electronic reference materials.

Glossary matches

Toolbar button Get glossary entry
Menu command Get Glossary Entry... >> Select Entry Num...
Keyboard shortcut Alt + M

When you run this command using one of the methods shown above, a dialog box appears, prompting you to enter a glossary entry number.

Enter glossary entry number

Enter the index of the glossary entry you desire, then click OK (or press Enter). The specified glossary translation is inserted into the TagAssist document at the cursor position.

You can also specify matches 0 to 9 in the Main Glossary window via hot keys. Press Alt + {N}, where {N} is a number between 0 and 9, to retrieve that glossary entry. Alternately, select Felix >> Get Glossary Entry >> Entry 0 to 9.

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