4. Using the Interface

This section describes the various parts of the interface, and how to use them.

4.1 Look up a Sentence
Look up a segment in your Felix memory and glossaries. You can select the next segment automatically, or select a segment to look up yourself.

4.2 Navigate through the Matches
When there is more than one match, navigate through them until you find the best match.

4.3 Register a Translation
Register a translation for the current query.

4.4 Register a Glossary Entry
Register the current selection as the translation for a glossary entry (the current query becomes the source).

4.5 Delete a Translation
Delete the current translation displayed in Felix.

4.6 Get a Translation from Memory
Retrieve a translation from Felix, and automatically insert it at the cursor position.

4.7 Get a Glossary Entry
Retrieve a glossary entry from Felix, and automatically insert it at the cursor position.

4.8 Auto Translate
Automatically translate the document until a fuzzy (non-perfect) match is reached.

4.9 Review Your Translation
Review your translation, checking the source sentences for each translation sentence, and revising as necessary.

4.10 Save the Memory
Save your translation memory and glossary files. Felix will prompt you for a file name and location if the memory or glossary is new.

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