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3.4 The Directory Tree

Quite often, a Website translation project will involve translating multiple files in one or more directories. The tree view gives you a visual presentation of your folder structure, making navigating through multiple files much easier and more intuitive.

Tree view

When you launch TagAssist, the root of the tree is set to a view of all drives on your computer. You can also specify a root directory yourself (e.g. the root directory of the project you are working on). Do do so, from the File menu, select Select Directory. You can also select a recently specified directory by selecting File >> Recent Directories.

Right clicking on a folder or file brings up a context menu that allows you to insert and delete files and folders, set a folder to the root of the tree, and more. You can also temporarily set a folder to a virtual drive. This is useful if you are mirroring a Website on your hard disk, and need for the base urls (e.g. something like "\img\logo.gif") to refer to this directory.

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