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1. Overview

TagAssist is a fully featured HTML editor designed for use with the Felix translation memory tool. TagAssist will help you translate HTML files with more speed and accuracy. Whether you are an HTML expert or a novice, TagAssist will help you to produce polished translations of HTML content. The ability to deliver translations as HTML files instead of plain text or the like will please your clients and make your translations look more professional.

TagAssist, part of the Assistant Suite

1.1 Features

TagAssist will make translating HTML, XML, CSS, text, and many other types of document faster and easier. Whether you are an HTML novice or a pro, TagAssist can help make translating tagged documents more pain, error, and curse-free.

The TagAssist editor interface

Use TagAssist to translate HTML, text, and other types of tagged documents, and save your translations in a translation memory. The memories you create using TagAssist are fully compatible with any other interface supporting Felix, including the interfaces for popular programs like Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and vice-versa.

Features include:

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1.2 The User Interface

TagAssist features a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor that lets you edit and author HTML text in much the same way as you would in Microsoft® Word, as well as a plain-text editor that lets you work directly with the HTML code for greater control and power of expression:

A host of menu and toolbar commands and keyboard shortcuts assist you in navigating and formatting your text. The user interface is also highly customizable: Hide or show the toolbar and status bar, and rearrange the menu bar and toolbar according to your preferences.

An Autocomplete feature offers suggestions to complete your current word from glossary matches for the current query. This speeds typing, improves consistency, and saves time looking to the glossary window and back to the current sentence.

Autocomplete in editor view Autocomplete in plaintext view

TagAssist is also fully bilingual. A simple menu command or keyboard shortcut instantly toggles the user interface between English and Japanese.

Toggle the GUI language between Japanese and English

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